lab on Maintenance, Construction and Intelligence of Software


The MCIS Team


Grad Students

Rahul Bajaj
Master's student
(with Dr. Ahmed E. Hassan)
Isabella Ferreira
PhD student
(with Dr. Jinghui Cheng)
Armstrong Foundjem
PhD student
Divya Kamath
Master's student
(with Dr. Ahmed E. Hassan)
Ernesto Lang
Master's student
(with Dr. Ahmed E. Hassan)
Doriane Olewicki
PhD student
(with Dr. Sarath Chandar)


Maryam Abedi
Master's student
(with Dr. Jinghui Cheng)
Vincent Boisselle
Master's, 12/2015
(with Dr. Alexandre Petrenko)
Mathieu Bollen
Master's, 08/2013
(with Dr. Naji Habra)
Alexandre Courouble
Master's, 04/2018
Giuseppe Destefanis
postdoc, 09/2013-08/2015
(with Dr. Alexandre Petrenko)
Ellis E. Eghan
postdoc, 11/2019-10/2020
Manel Grichi
PhD, 08/2020
Yujuan Jiang
PhD, 08/2016
Shane McIntosh
PhD, 07/2015
(with Dr. Ahmed E. Hassan)
Parisa Moslehi
PhD, 04/2020
(with Dr. Juergen Rilling)
Doriane Olewicki
Master's, 08/2020
(with Dr. Kim Mens)
Javier Rosales Tovar
Master's, 08/2020
Mohammed Sayagh
PhD, 08/2018
Parastou Tourani
PhD, 12/2016
Shivashree Vysali
Master's, 12/2020
(with Dr. Shane McIntosh)
Mohamed Yassin
postdoc, 04/2020-04/2021
Mahdis Zolfagharinia
Master's, 12/2017
(with Dr. Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc)

Latest Work

FERREIRA, I., CHENG, J. and ADAMS, B. (2021). The “Shut the f**k up” Phenomenon: Characterizing Incivility in Open Source Code Review Discussions, in Proceedings of the 24th ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing, CSCW (virtual), to appear. BibTeX

FOUNDJEM, A., EGHAN, E.E. and ADAMS, B. (2021). Onboarding vs. Diversity, Productivity and Quality -- Empirical Study of the OpenStack Ecosystem, in Proceedings of the 43rd International Conference on Software Engineering, ICSE (Madrid, Spain), to appear. (Acceptance ratio: 138/602=22.92%) BibTeX

BARRAK, A., EGHAN, E., ADAMS, B., and KHOMH, F. (2021). Why do Builds Fail? - A Conceptual Replication Study, Journal of Software and Systems (JSS), Elsevier, to appear. BibTeX

BARRAK, A., EGHAN, E.E. and ADAMS, B. (2021). On the Co-evolution of ML Pipelines and Source Code - Empirical Study of DVC Projects, in Proceedings of the 28th IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering, SANER (Hawaii, USA), to appear. (Acceptance ratio: 42/165=25%) BibTeX